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fea summer academy

fea summer academy

(via Spencer Heyfron and Angela Southern: This Is New York | Design Work Life)
something like this for BTS?

How To De-Google-ify Your Life: The Complete Guide To Leaving Google | IMPOSSIBLE

(via The Uvogel in the Austrian Alps is the Tiniest, but Coolest, House for Rent)

Big American Night | Information

love this bio page

Big American Night | Broadcasts

nice imagery & discography page

Lists of Bests

from PI tumbler (now deleted)

a first stab at a checklist of tools we use (or should use) for web development:

  1. WordPress
  2. HTMLburger
  3. Coda (FTP and coding)
  4. Dreamhost (

  5. (for custom fonts)
  6. Google Analytics
  7. Google Webmaster Tools
    (to evaluate how Google sees a site?)

  8. Facebook
  9. Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr
  10. (to validate code)

The Making of a Restaurant

just becuase it’s a good link

(via Altucher Confidential) for ribbons

(via Altucher Confidential) for ribbons

1 Come Back To Your Man
2 The Big Game Is Every Night (demo)
3 Farewell Transmission
4 Get Out Get Out Get Out
5 Goodnight Lover
6 Hammer Down (from Nashville Moon)
7 John Henry Split My Heart
8 Blue Chicago Moon
9 Hold On Magnolia
10 The Big Game Is Every Night
11 I Can Not Have Seen The Light
12 The Moon Undoes It All
13 I've Been Riding With The Ghost
14 Just Be Simple
15 Gauley Bridge
16 Almost Was Good Enough
17 Everything Should Try Again
18 Lioness
19 O! Grace
20 Dark Don't Hide It
21 Hard To Love A Man
22 The Black Crow
23 Blue Factory Flame
24 The Old Black Hen
25 Two Blue Lights
26 Coxcomb Red
27 It's Made Me Cry
28 Long Desert Train
29 In The Human World (from The Black Ram)
30 This Time Anything Finite At All
31 The Body Burned Away
32 Love Leaves Its Abusers
33 Sin and Death (Songs: Ohia - Zum Audio, Vol. 2)
34 Jason Molina - Autumn Bird Songs
35 Cross The Road, Molina
36 Tigress
37 Captain Badass